Lesson Solutions Gone - Frustrating!

I understand this topic has been raised and I’ve searched through the forum for an answer. Apologies for any duplication.

Before the upgrade, I could still go back and see my solutions to the coding lessons. However, after the upgrade, all of my solutions to the lessons are gone. I’m referring to the small lessons, not the bigger challenges, projects, etc.

This is very frustrating as I often would like to go back and check a previous lesson’s solution for the one I am working on. Because I can no longer do this, I am starting to feel like I am wasting my time on FCC. I can’t go back and re-solve each lesson - as useful as review is - because I’ll never make any forward progress.

Is there a way to somehow get back my solutions? I am really enjoying FCC and feel like it’s a great platform to learn on, but without access to all my previous hard work, it makes me wonder if this is a good place to be spending so much time studying. I’ve spent a couple of hours on some of the tricky lessons and it’s not so easy to just go back and remember exactly what the final solution that worked was.

Please let us know if this is an issue that is being worked on and the intention is that we will have access to our solutions in the future. Or at least verify that the new FCC doesn’t save your previous work so at least we will know and can save our work in other ways.