Lesson sumbition issue

Hi! I am on the make an image responsive lesson and I tried watching and copying the video tutorial as well as the suggestion on the help forum and did exactly what it told me to do but it says I didn’t add an element that I did add. I can’t seem to figure out where I went wrong and would like some help or advice on how to fix my issue. blow I have attached a screenshot to give you a better understanding of my situation. Thank you for your time.
Jessica M. Scaife

Hi @jms9913,

Double check your spacing. From the image above, it looks like you are missing one :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I had an issue with this one when i was going through them. I think it just doesnt work with your browser. Try using google chrome or opening it on your iphone. That worked for me.

Thanks! I did need to use a different browser!

I did try re-spacing everything and even re-wrote it a couple times, it still gave me a problem. Thanks for the tip though, I will make sure to watch my spacing!