Lessons not loading!

Hi , i was doing the Basic HTML and HTML5 and everything was fine until i arrived at the “Use HTML5 to require field” lesson and now the next lessons don´t load.

Welcome there,

Would you mind opening your browser console, refreshing the page, and looking for any errors?

Also, please share your setup:

  • Which browser and version are you using?

If you are not getting any errors, then it sounds like a connectivity issue with the delivery network. Would you describe your internet connection as slow/patchy?

Otherwise, you might find more success doing one of the following:

  • Disable all browser extensions with access to freecodecamp.org
  • Use another browser - Chrome is notoriously excellent
  • Clear your browser cache - search online how to do this for your browser
  • Flush your DNS cache - if you are comfortable inputting commands in the terminal

Hope this helps

I was using chrome already, but opening the browser console and refreshing the page worked and now i can access the lesson.
Thank you.

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