Let me know how I did on my product landing page (for a music festival)


I’ve been working on this landing page for a few weeks and it’s finally in a state where I feel comfortable sharing it for feedback. The landing page is for a fictitious music festival featuring some artists I enjoy.

Here’s the link: https://codepen.io/LisaLoop/full/RezrZq/

All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

Thank you!


A little thing: that bold mouseover-effect eg in the footer makes the text “jumping” a little bit when the mouse is over the links.

Thanks for your feedback. I added a transition delay to the hoverable links in both the nav and the footer. Hopefully that’s a little more smooth and less jerky.

A couple thinks,

  1. That bold mouseover effect is … meh, i don’t know :confused: i think that is better to have just normal hover
  2. It’s nicer to have maybe 2 videos in one row :slight_smile:
  3. Put that sign up (newsletter) in a input and resize it

But its nice :slight_smile: good job!

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Those cat images for the hero area are superb! Really gives it a nice and original style to the page, great job! The only thing I would change besides the hover effect others mentioned would be the package deals order. Usually you would have them going from cheap -> expensive, left to right. Just a personal preference though, keep up the good work!

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@stefkia Great feedback, I made those changes. Thanks!

Good points.
-I changed the hover effect already.
-I also changed the group videos to display:flex, flex-flow: row wrap, so now when the viewport is large enough the videos will take up the available space (I can see 2 in a row in full-screen, but a larger screen might show more.)

-When you say put the sign up in an input and resize it, do you mean make it smaller?

Thanks for checking out my work! I appreciate your feedback. :slight_smile:

Nice one! You could also look at simple design of this site. Sometimes too many pictures is a bit annoying…

Thank you for your feedback, but I don’t really understand what you want me to see on that site. Looks like it’s using a basic Wordpress template. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think it’s very visually interesting or unique. Also my site is for a music festival. Kind of a different product from the site you linked. I’m curious to know your reply.

I don’t mind the bolding of the text for the nav links, but the animation delay seems a little too delayed? i hover over it, and I’m expecting it to change when I hover, but it takes a second and then turns bold. I think it’d be nice for it to just turn bold and stay bold until I mouse away (maybe have a very slight delay once I mouse away?).
Your site is really responsive though, I really like that. And having the videos next to one another with the description of each band is a great look for the Groups section. Overall, I like it (:

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Thanks! I appreciate you checking out my work. I’ll keep trying on the on hover animation (or maybe give up on it for this particular use case).