Let me know what you think

hey hows everyone i just wanted to know what everyone thought of my page. I made it simple and to the point but let me know what you think… tribute page

Hey there,

Simple is good! You’ve done a fine job here, I just have a few suggestions

  • Don’t tile images unless they’re part of a larger pattern. This can be fixed very simply:

      body {
        background-repeat: no-repeat; //Stops titling
        background-size: cover;  //Makes the image cover the background
  • The default blue for the link text is hard to read against the black background. Do you know how to change that?

  • Avoid publishing your personal email in plain text. It makes your email vulnerable to hackers who have automated web crawlers that gather emails and other personal info online.

hey thanks for your input and feedback i really appreciate it.

how do you change the color on the link?? didn’t know you can do that