Let’s discuss your “Image Search Abstraction Layer”

Hello everyone, here is my image search app, feedback welcome.
Heroku app

Site: https://api-image-search-fcc.herokuapp.com/
Github: https://github.com/Faizahmadfaiz/image-search-microservice

Because I can’t delete forum posts.

Hey Jordan, looks like something went wrong with you app. It’s only showing search results right now.

Hello, here is my Image Search Abstraction Layer


Comments and criticisms welcome!

Because I can’t delete forum posts.

Oh, I see it. Nice job.

Source Code: https://github.com/fntgnn/FCC_Image_Search_Abstraction_Layer
App Link: https://fntgnn-fcc-image-search.herokuapp.com/

Hey guys! I’ve just finished my image abstraction project and wondering how I could improve it

I was using Bing as an image search engine.


Issues I see so far:

  1. How image url could be resolved in a simpler way than making request inside another request? (Bing won’t give me original img url)
  2. Performance gap because of issue above

I will appreciate any thoughts. Thanks in advance!

short upd:

  • I’ve reviewed solutions above and was able to get rid of request to fetch original url with regexp and decodeURIComponent
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Live: https://redisearch.herokuapp.com
Code: https://github.com/mtso/image-search

I used this project as an opportunity to try out Redis as the database. The latest searches aren’t preserved between Heroku restarts, but I felt that it was an acceptable tradeoff given that preserving the latest searches isn’t as critical to the functionality as it is in another project like the URL shortener.

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Looks great!
Just one piece of feedback.
You should probably hide your mlab credentials using config vars.

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Hey @mtso, @jakimenko

I thought the two of you structured your project directory and code was incredibly neat and concise.

Where did you learn to do that? Can you recommend any reading?

Hi Allan!

I’ve used express generator CLI tool. (here https://expressjs.com/en/starter/generator.html you could find how to use it), since it is an API project - I just get rid of views.

Also, express generator is recommended way to initialize your express projects

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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Ah thanks a million @jakimenko that looks super handy, and oddly familiar. I’m going to use it with my next project!

Here is my “Image Search Abstraction Layer”:

It lives here: https://image-seeker.glitch.me/
… and you can look at it’s insides here: https://github.com/AllanPooley/fcc-image-abstraction-layer

I think the most tricky part to this project has got to be just finding your Search Engine API, and then familiarising yourself with it’s peculiarities. There’s Imgur, Flickr, Bing, and Google CSE to name a few. I personally used Google CSE.

Best of luck to future campers attempting this!

Hi @AllanPooley

I tried to follow the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern when building these projects.

Like @jakimenko mentioned, because there isn’t a view layer, I’ve omitted that folder.

This article gives a good overview:

The critical insight for me was that the controller, model, and view files export their functionality and do not reference the express application. Before this, I was passing the application instance in as arguments when importing the controllers into the server.js file.

I liked the way that some of the sample API projects isolated backend-only routes into an “api/” route path, so I adopted that pattern for my projects too.

This is in preparation for the full stack projects, where I plan to use react-router to do client side routing, and need to make asynchronous http requests to get and post data. The main web app will have the root path, and then make async calls to the API route of the backend.

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Thanks for sharing that @mtso

Here’s my image search.

Here is my version:
App: https://img-search1.glitch.me/
Code: https://github.com/tony-molumby/img-search.git

Any comments/critiques are welcome.

Hi all,

Here is my version:

Live: https://happy-bison.glitch.me
Source: https://github.com/ShalaQweghen/image_search_abstraction_layer

I would welcome any feedback.


Hi all,

Here is my version:
Demo: https://tv-imagesearch.herokuapp.com/
Github: https://github.com/triminhvi/Image_Search_Abstraction_Layer
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vitri/

Hope to get some useful feedback.