Let’s discuss your “Voting App”

Server Side Rendering

Server : Golang stdlib + MySql

Client : js + chartjs

Project Link ==> https://brusbilis.com/freecodecamp/v1/apps/voting/guest/

Source Code => https://github.com/brusbilis/freeCodeCamp/tree/master/v1/back-end/web-apps/voting

mine https://votingenapp.herokuapp.com

Does anybody have experience of using Express with create-react-app?

Because I can’t delete forum posts.

I used React and Redux
Source: https://github.com/fntgnn/FCC_Voting_App
Project App: http://fntgnn-fcc-votingapp.herokuapp.com/
Server API: http://fntgnn-fcc-votingapp-server.herokuapp.com/

this is my app i finished it in 23 days

live app here : VoteUp

and the github repo : VoteUp repo

feel free to give your feedback here

Here’s Mine

Went all the way down the rabbit hole and finally found my way back out. I knew react, express and mongodb going in. Realized I needed to learn webpack, then hot module replacement. Then I decided this would be a good time to learn redux. At some point passport was needed then react router. Found out about eslint. Opted out of ssr and typescript for the time being. Struggled to get it up on heroku but finally managed. All-in-all a great experience. Obviously learned a lot.

I used js-stack-from-scratch to get started with webpack, hmr, redux, react-router, and basically just to help get everything organized since this was my first full-stack app.


Front end: React + Material Bootstrap
Back end: Node/Express
Login: Google+ via Passport
Database: Mongo

Still gotta figure out sessions for a more proper login redirect, but its feature complete for the challenge.


Frontend: React + Redux + Redux Forms + D3
Backend: Node + Express + Passport (Twitter + JWT)
Database: MongoDB (using Mongoose)

This project took the longest time till now.

Same for me too. I had to take about 2-3 other courses between the time I started and finished this project XD.

Hey guys could you check out my voting app project here poller-vote
Please let me know what you think. Cheers

Well, this was frustrating, especially some five days spent on changing the code, thinking that my app is crashing because of some JS mistake I made, in order to find out that for some reason it was the favicon.ico request from non-Firefox browser… But I’ve learned a lot, apart from those wasted days.

Anyway, app is live here: https://myvoting-app.herokuapp.com/, and I’m too lazy to make it prettier or implement that custom option - especially since this challenge will be soon removed.

Code is here: https://github.com/pilgrim011/voting-app.

App was build using Express, MySQL, EJS, Chart.js, Passport.

Hello! Here is my project, any feedbacks are welcome. Thank you.


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Looking and working great!

Project: https://voting-space.herokuapp.com/
Github: https://github.com/prohorova/voting-app

Using a tech stack of React + Node.js + Express + MongoDB.
Other key framework/packages used including Material-ui, React Router(v4), Mongoose.

Project link: https://jia-fcc-votingapp.herokuapp.com/
GitHub repo: https://github.com/antipasjiajia/fcc-votingapp

GitHub repo

For this project, I used Node.js, Express, MongoDB, hackathon-starter boilerplate and eCharts.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Nice Work!
Can you please tell me the commands you typed to create project folders or templates i.e
I mean the express commands

Hello mates, my voting app is here;

Glitch-me - https://votenow.glitch.me/
Github - https://github.com/mgjean/vote-now

Have a great day !

Completed it! Please provide feedback.

Project Link – https://pollroll.herokuapp.com