Let's build a real world project together! Ticketz.io :)

Website: https://www.ticketz.io/
Github Repo: https://github.com/ethanrose/ticketz-io
Gitter: https://gitter.im/ticketz-io/Lobby

Hello fellow campers!

I’m working on making a work order system for small-mid sized IT deparments… I have a domain name and I have 2 IT departments who are ready to use it once it’s “beta” ready, so we have a guaranteed ~2000 monthly users.


Please come and make contributions big or small!!! It will be a great experience, and can be a REAL-WORLD project to add to your resume when you apply for jobs!!! Thanks for considering contributing!

I understand contributing is intimidating… Honestly I look at other peoples github projects and get totally lost really easily, so if you need help understanding the project, please just ask and I will help as much as I possibly can!

Just sent my first PR.

I just merged it in thanks!