Let's create a Newspaper Landing page in GROUPS in pure CSS

Here’s my TL:DR:

Have you ever wondered how the New York Times, or any other major newspaper websites are structured in CSS? We can create one in groups.

We can divide the group in small teams of 2 or 3. The whole group shouldn’t be more than 10-15 people. Each team can concentrate on a particular part of the news paper. For example:

  1. One team for the nav-bar
  2. Another team for the footer

You get the idea.

Long story.

About groups

Google, and many more tech companies, have their employees work on teams to solve a particular problem. Some teams are fixed during a year, or two; and you can change teams (although not recommended to do it all the time), and also, you can work on different teams for a project you might be interested in. Gmail is the response of such a team’s creation.

About the project

Now, here at Free Code Camp, we can create a group that can be divided in small teams to work on this project. The News Paper website. We can call it: The Free Code Camp Times.

This project could be very good for beginners and intermediate developers. It could be nice to have the group be joined by at least 2 or 3 advanced web developers that can serve as team leads.

About collaboration and recognition

We can work on figma or any other app that allows us to collaborate online on the design of the news paper.


Here, we can place the design and the code on github and present the collaborators. This could really be evidence that can show you have worked on a small project in teams. And you can present your two cents to potential future employers.

FCC Projects

FCC projects are awesome and the feedback we receive in the forum is instrumental in our learning process. Having said that, I also think that BEFORE we finish everything and work on teams for these non-profit organization (which can take a while), we could sharpen our collaborative, cooperative, soft skills, in building something awesome.

Who knows! Maybe FCC might even write about it on Medium.

What do you guys think? Please, let me know. Any ideas?

Quite a cool idea, I’d agree. However, my HTML/CSS skills are somewhat rusty since I’ve been doing JS for a while now.

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That could be great. You can add some functionality when the product is finished. Let’s say you want to create a hamburger menu to the navbar. That can be done with a little JS.

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Yeah sure! If I manage to remember haha.

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