Let's discuss my "Tribute Page"

Let's discuss my "Tribute Page"
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I began my coding journey on December 2nd 2016 and this is my first project. I am really into Bonsai even though I now have little time for it because of coding. I made a tribute page to Bonsai and I will continue to work on this page & make improvements until I am job ready. I thought of a cool layout where the image should be a on left align and the text should be on the right side but it might not be mobile friendly. Please let me know what you guys think!

P.S. if anyone wants to add me & possible code together or even meet up in the San Francisco bay area give me a shout!

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See the Pen Bonsai Tribute Page by Christopher Linares (@clin87) on CodePen.


@clin87, do you have a link to your tribute page?


Thank you! I got so excited to post it, I forgot to actually throw in the linkā€¦


Great tribute page! Have your Bonsai skills helped you in your coding? It looks like it.


Bonsai has taught me to be humble & patient, thank you for the feedback! @ver2point0


So aestheticā€¦

Well done!