Let's discuss your "Camper Leaderboard"

Thanks. I put an effort to keep it simple and clean.

Project Link: http://codepen.io/mpontus/pen/vXOBkX

After getting spoiled by Full Stack Redux Tutorial it was hard for me to imagine a solution without the help of Redux.

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give me some feedback please

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Project http://codepen.io/xiaohua/pen/pEyWZN

My solution: https://codepen.io/ubershibs/full/ORRGBQ/

I’m not 100% sure that I’ve really done it right… I’ve done it the way they did in the example, and the way most people seem to have, but from the user stories, it sounds as though you’re supposed to get a list of the most recent top users, and then sort that list of users by either their recent points or their all time points. However, they’ve given us links to top recent users and top all time users, so I, like every other example I’ve seen, just alternated between those two lists, rather than actually sorting one list… Did anyone else think about it that way?

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Hello, Campers!
This is my project - http://codepen.io/AleksandrSidorov/full/KgoWzX/
I used PostCSS+cssnext, Bootstrap and some npm libraries.
Any feedback is welcome.

Vanilla JS

Project Link --> https://codepen.io/BrusBilis/full/ALmQdQ

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React is awesome! I’ve really been enjoying these React challenges!


Love ReactJS, but still confuse with some concepts

View my project here

Except for React & Sass, also applied Bootstrap, jQuery, and ES6. Any comments are welcome!

Here is my LeaderBoard: [http://codepen.io/pfpirlet/full/BQpwma/] (http://codepen.io/pfpirlet/full/BQpwma/)
Comments welcome !

Project Link - http://codepen.io/SehrOne/full/yVXewG/

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Here is my LeaderBoard https://codepen.io/LarryMary/pen/YpemOa/?editors=0110. Comments and criticism are more than welcome.

Here is mine!:

Project Link - http://codepen.io/chemok78/full/QGmYQy/

I’m using the Axios library to fetch the data

Project Link - https://codepen.io/denisinvader/pen/pNqLJO


Because I can’t delete forum posts.

Here is my Camper Leaderboard:

I think you have to make user image and name a link. When you click on image or link it should redirect to their Fcc profile.

Here’s my camper leaderboard!

Project Link: https://premium-volleyball.surge.sh/
GitHub: https://github.com/kevcomedia/camper-leaderboard

Live Example
… and github link is presented on the page.