Let's discuss your "Personal Portfolio Webpage"

i liked it, but how does it play on mobile?

Hi! I finally completed my portfolio. It’s not perfect, as I still have a lot to learn. But I know it will improve over time as I develop my skills! Anyway, I welcome your feedback. Here’s the link: https://codepen.io/HoppyHands/pen/BzrwgA.

Well, I’ll say not pretty good in portrait mode. Anyway, this is not my ultimate profile, to say something. It fits with the description of the project, and I’m happy about it. The code can be simplified, and SCSS can be cleaner. I actually do not want to spend time polishing it. I have other ideas in mind for building a good profile with pretty code, I’ll leave that for a bit later because there are a few more things I need to learn first to get to that.

Glad you like it.

Finally, after a while stopped it’s done, please feel free to comment folks.

Best regards.

CodePen - First Personal Portfolio | Paulo Zumach - FCC

My Portfolio

Here is my portfolio version 1.0. http://codepen.io/christianroco/full/AXzoEE/ . More updates to come.


Thanks for your reply.I will fix it.

I have checked my pen But it’s working…

Please feedback if you can My simple Portfolio


Hey, guys! I’ve completed my portfolio page recently. I went with a dark theme. Let me know what you all think about it. Feel free to critique my work. :slight_smile:

Project: Personal Portfolio Webpage.

@arraqib your portfolio looks great.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: Have nice day.

Looks good - although on mobile your nav bar overlays the text and makes it difficult to read?

Thanks @badhoc. I added some background to it.

Man! you are Senior. Respect :briefcase:

Project link: Personal Portfolio

Pls check it out & give me feedback about it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Armcodes and arraqib: Your portfolio sites look great to me!

Here is mine if anyone wants to make any comments or suggestions: http://codepen.io/scottagain/pen/gwaWgA

There is no javascript. . .but I learned a lot.

I just finished my portfolio, this is my pen:

Project: https://codepen.io/neito/full/kkPLNw/

BTW the contact form is actually working. You can receive an email from your portfolio without any backend just using this service: https://formspree.io/.

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Thanks for your feedback @mercyg.
social media buttons are working properly.

Feedback appreciated

Project Link - http://codepen.io/bhattmayur1987/full/dprNjX/