Let's Make it Official - Upgrading freeCodeCamp's Local Study Groups

One update to what I said before. Some meetup group organizers charge their members small fees (per year or per meetup) to offset the cost they pay to meetup.com.

@QuincyLarson this is great! Good job! I hope to find or make a group in Japan. I’m in a bit of a rural city so I’m not sure there are any FCCers around here.

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Hi! I am new to FCC - how do I find any groups in my city?

Yes - you can still fill out the form even if your city doesn’t have a study group yet - or has an inactive Facebook group.

If you’re serious about creating a study group for your city / neighborhood, fill out the form and we can meet and talk about it.

Currently the best way to find study groups is [our study group directory](http://study-group-directory.freecodecamp.org](http://study-group-directory.freecodecamp.org/).

This currently links to Facebook groups, but we will update this to link to the new official sub-forums.

This is super awesome, Have filled out the form already. Look forward to connect with Quincy and fellow coders in Bangalore.

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Do we have an ETA as to when we will hear back from our form submissions?

I just replied to your message. I sent you an email 8 days ago but it may not have reached you for some reason.

I think having the study groups on the forums is a great idea but if this is going to scale properly countries shouldn’t all be top level categories. I’m not sure about the badges either, look at the US groups, there are 11 badges and more to follow I’m sure.

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Hey Quincy, I am the Tech Director (computer/network/communications guru) for a small rural public k-12 school district (375 total students). I think the school should teach coding, but they want me to do it. I would love to use freeCodeCamp for this. Would it be ok to create a local study group for our school? Are there any tools currently in the system that would allow me, as a local mentor/teacher to keep track of how the members of the study group are progressing? Some easy way for them to share with me their progress? Let me know, thanks!

Tokyo Study Group launched.
Thanks @QuincyLarson!

I’m interested in making an official group for Chicago, specifically the Loop area. I filled out the request form, linked in your post, last week. The only caveat being I’m not an admin in the Free Code Camp Chicago Facebook group that I was part of (which seems dead from an admin perspective—or at least my attempts to contact the admin have been met with no replies; I actually started a new FB group because of this because I was able to rally some members to meet up on Sundays and we need a way to create events and organize meetups in the Loop area).

Is filling out that form all I have to do? If there is anything else needed from my end please let me know, otherwise I’ll just be waiting patiently to hear something. Thanks!

@QuincyLarson any plans for Bangalore, India?

the study groups are submitted by users that already have or want to create a study group - so maybe you just need to submit it yourself if one is not already there

Have submitted the form some time back. Any further steps?

Then wait, and check in spam folder I imagine

Then I will email you about meeting with you and your fellow study group leaders for a 30-minute Google Hangout so I can learn more about your study group, and answer any questions you may have.

Sure. Will wait for further information.


I’ve been trying to get in contact with @QuincyLarson to open the Bogotá, Colombia study group. I’ve already contacted the Medellin’s group, and I just need to make it official. I haven’t been contacted, even though I already filled the form.

Thank you

Sure - did you fill out the form I linked to in my original post?

Yes, I did fill the form