Let's play the kerning game

Hello fellow campers! A lot of programming focused content is posted here (as it rightly should be), but I think we miss out on design content that is important in creating our projects.

I’m going through the lessons over at Hack Design, which has so far been pretty good, and I came across an interesting little game that tests your eye for kerning (the space between letters in a font family). Your goal is to adjust the letters to have the correct kerning.

Check it out here if you’re interested.


Not sure if getting consistent 85+ scores means I have an eye for good design, but it was a fun game to play for a couple of minutes. Thank you for the link to Hack Design as well, it looks like a good resource. A design contest on FCC would be interesting.

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Nice, I managed to get an 84/100 average. I think a design competition would be fun. I’d lose horribly, but fun none-the-less. Maybe give everyone a task like “design a menu/button/form/etc” or something like that and let them run with it.

What a fantastic site! I won’t embarrass myself by posting my kerning score, but I got an 8.7 on the color matching game. This seems like a great way to develop an elementary grasp of design concepts.

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Thanks! I actually need to try out the other games, but I’m glad it was useful.