Lets Stay Motivated Together!

I think we are all on the same page with coding. Yeah, its cool… its rewarding… blah blah blah. oh and the money, we all wanna make that money right? I started my journey about a couple months ago after just jumping around jobs and hobbies and what not for the past 15 years (30 year old ADHDer) Decided I am going to stick this one out. To do that, I have stay motivated. We all have to stay motivated or else this just wont work. So I want to start out with what keeps me going this week. I would like to do this weekly and also get some feedback if others feel like they got something that got them to another day of coding.

and here goes my list:

I’m going to start with podcasts: “Learn to code with me- s7 ep7- From Glassblower to Software Developer using Free Coding Resources with Michael Pimentel”

Very motivating because this guy, glass blower for I think it was like 10 years decided to switch careers. He used freeCodeCamp just like us. He shows just how important it is to find/create a community that you can grow and learn from.

I have a another podcast that I listened to this week, from “Code Newbie”

s24:E1 - From Customer Service to Code w/ Tae’lur Alexis

first of all, I love code newbie. Just listen to really any of the episodes and it will fill your motivation tank.

But yeah, Tae’lur here, she was in customer service and switched careers in a bout 7 months with out any previous knowledge. She also used freeCodeCamp among some other bootcamps. I mean I’m not saying she didn’t work her butt off. She reminds us that you have give it your all. I think she has a pretty good following on social media and is a great example of why making a presence on social media can be very helpful to us on our coding journey. Another great point she makes is to keep things interesting. Use projects to make things you like. Coding is so very much a creative outlet. Lets think about the kind of things we want to create in the future and go for it. I’m about to start the first certificate solo project tomorrow. I believe its a survey form. I want to use my interest and make something fun.

There is a code learning app called “Mimo”. I love it. It is very slow-paced and repetitive which makes the learning seem very passive. Its chill. I just go through the lessons while going to bed watching tv or whatever. I can use it when I am just waiting in line or really wherever on the go. I also find they cover different elements, attributes…etc. that aren’t covered on freeCodeCamp. Also sometimes freeCodeCamp might not be the greatest and defining terms and telling you “why”, I hop over to mimo and they really explain it like I am 5. I think Mimo is a great tool for really getting that extra understanding of complicating things.

Oh and chatGTP. if you already haven’t played around with it, please do.
I can just be like " explain a

and show me some examples" and boom there it is. Although you should take her responses with a grain of salt. Sometimes she gets a couple things wrong or weird.

Lastly, freeCodeCamp YouTube channel rocks. There are so many videos. Just watch anything that interests you, even if you think that it not something you need in your journey/ career path. There is so much to learn and so much to learn that you don’t even know yet that you want to learn!! ahah Lots of coffee this morning…

Anyway, the FCC channel has the whole CS50 Harvard course on there. I am just listening to like one lecture a day and man, that professor is great. No wonder people pay the big bucks to go there. But hey we got it for free!

So yeah, please respond with articles/facts/videos/couses/whatever! Anything that is keeping you interested and having fun. If anyone in this industry can agree on one thing, it is that having a community to learn with is key! lets work together

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