Lets try the weather app

Hi, just finished the weather app and looking for some feedback.

All comments appreciated, thanks for your time.

Its working but you don’t show location(city name/country)

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Thats right, that is actually not part of the brief.
The specific item is :

User Story: I can see the weather in my current location.

It doesnt actually say I need to see my location.
I found the api tended to give the incorrect location at times so I removed it and replaced it with wind speed and humidity.

Then how can I be sure as an user that the weather info I get is for my location?

I would like to say thats not the point, the point is…“did I satisfy the brief?

The fact is the API provided by FCC is glitchy, this results in an unreliable result, I stand by my original reason to omit it.

But just to prove that I can do it, I did it.
Thanks for your feedback.

Edit: Turns out that the entire output is unreliable not just the location so including the location is valuable to the user to ensure he is getting the correct report or a report he should dismiss.
Leaving the location in my project for this reason, thanks again.