Level up! newbie to nerd!

after many notes and reading. I can read, understand and speak. coding.
my new level knowledge basically puts me where I am trained to see and interpret code like normal, almost.
I have crammed my brain with HTML javascript and c++. It makes sense, and I need to keep reading.
what should be the first “thing” Build? I am an artist and very creative, you can see alot of my art work on my instagram profile at chaoz_vibezz. I have lots of art energy I plan to put into coding

Hello! It is a reasonable doubt when you have a certain amount of time programming, and the short answer is: whatever you want.

Instead, it would be better to say that programming gives you a certain freedom that you can take advantage of to build whatever you want from scratch, and like a writer who sits in front of a blank page, you must see which of your knowledge you can combine to transfer something of your imagination to a computer. Hope it was helpful, good luck!

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