Levelup Tuts React Tutorial Series

This is a great ongoing series that will help you get the basics of ReactJS


That dude’s videos are awesome. He puts all of that high-quality content out for free, I have no idea how he makes any money.
He also has several good series on Meteor.


He’s one of my favorite youtubers!

I like the learncode.Academy series’ on React/Flux and Redux/Redux too.


There are also some free tutorial series on egghead.




You guys rock, thanks for the awesome resources! :grinning:

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This is a nice comprehensive list of react redux learning material on github that I have found useful:

Hey I know this guy! Also, I highly recommend Tyler McGinnis’ React Fundamentals course. 12 part, free course on building your first React app.

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Well, you could subscribe to his pro account. It’s $9 a month. You end up getting some bonus content if you subscribe, but I do it because he really puts his heart into his work and deserves a little something in return.

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You’re right. The tutorials are good (my React for Everyone codepen). However, it’s still in progress, incomplete playlist.

I was fortunate enough to acquire a then free Udemy course: React from ground up, but now it’s not free (affiliate link). Really good learning for simple app, covers higher order component, my codepen here and JSX Transformer.

Personally i like an app(pen) I learned from Dev_Coffee, though the materials is brief.

Tried some others that didn’t quite click.

I find Learncode.academy’s React course (haven’t finished) tough to start because of the webpack and setup, but I think this is probably still the best free and quality React course worth sticking to. I like his presentation style and quality coding, Took his JS beginners and currently at his Jquery videos.


Don’t forget SurviveJS React which gets regular updates. There is also a great guide on Webpack on the same site (SurviveJS Webpack).

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Yes, this is by far the best intro course on React (of quite a few that I have seen), with a look at Flux and Redux. Will Stern has an extremely friendly and easy to follow teaching style and explains the **Why?**s as well as **How?**s.
Highly recommend!


He has additional videos that are premium only and go deeper into the topics he covers for free. They can be found on the level up tuts website and are basically just extensions of the series on youtube.
Level Up Pro Subscription 8.99/month or you can just purchase the series you want as a one time download.

He’s awesome, totally agree.

Thank you! I just saw this post. I made most of the videos on the channel on my nights and weekends while working a 9/5. I make a tiny bit on ad revenue, but not nearly enough to support my family, so I opened https://store.leveluptutorials.com/ and started the subscription service. I plan on continuing to release great content and give some exclusives to subscribers along the way. I’m planning a great new series on React right now as well as some advanced Meteor + React stuff.



I have to say, though: The amount of free content could probably be much less, say only doing some parts of it for free and posting longer versions of each video for premium members only, that kind of thing.

I mean I don’t even have time to watch all your free content, but it’s more than enough anybody would want - in other words: They have no reason to give you any money for more value, because you’ve already handed out all the value for nothing.

Just to re-iterate though: Thank you for that, you’re awesome!
But from a business perspective, I’m sure you could lure people with half the free content and put more into a premium model.

Either way, I think you’re doing an excellent job explaining everything clearly, demonstrating all the facets that might be complicated to understand and the production quality is first class. :love_letter:

I found this React tutorial on Youtube and I think this is by far the most recent and up to date. Not sure if anybody already posted it but anyway.