Library Basics for Beginners

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I am pretty new to FCC and just finished my Tribute Page (here is a link to my struggle! I just looked over the Personal Portfolio Project and it recommends the use of libraries. So far, I understand that they are files of code for functions that are repeated often. But I have no clue where to find them. I keep finding threads about people using libraries, but nothing on what they are or how to access them.

If anyone would like to explain what a library is, where to find it, the benefits, etc. I will be super grateful. These aren’t like the libraries I’m used to! :tired_face:

Ok library is something in which you have pre-written code that do things for you.
Like If you are using say C programming language and want to compute the length of the string,
Then you need a function named strlen.Now your question is how to access this function.
In top of your source code you simply type #include < string.h >. and now you can use the function.

A library is a bunch of code someone else has written, to perform tasks.

They are similar to the tools we use everyday.If I want to smoke a cigarette, I can borrow a lighter or matches, If I want to cook food, I will borrow an oven.I don’t have to use them, I could gather dry wood and flint rocks and make my own fire, but re-inventing the wheel wastes my time.I simply borrow these tools, these libraries.

The page says ‘use whichever libraries you need’. Given that you are a beginner, the only library you ‘need’ is probably jQuery (if you did everything in order, you already know that one). Of course, people who have a bit of experience like to use certain libraries to make their life easier, but learning them is not always trivial, especially as a novice. So don’t sweat it, you know some jQuery, that should suffice until your curiosity is no longer satisfied :slight_smile:

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@manauwar1212 @omegga @lincore Thank you for your responses, I will keep all of this in mind as I go forward :blue_car::grin: