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As I am quite new to Python, I am wondering, where I can find the documentation of a library. I would for example like to use ‘aiolib’ and should know the functions and corresponding parameters to read a file and should also know whether these functions are awaitable or not. How can I find this information and where is it located?

Two ways:

  1. from docstrings of the library: After installing and importing the library, use help() function to access it. In your example, after installing aiolib:
import aiolib
  1. Access online: Google “aiolib documentation”. Normally the docstring documentation shown after using help() provides the link of online documentation at the beginning.

Many thanks - it’s so simple, if you know how and where to look at :smiley:

Also just wanted to note that it can be pretty helpful to read the contents of these packages on GitHub, where the code is publicly available. Understanding the actual code behind the packages you use most often can
a) Help you use the functions more effectively, especially since package developers often have sample use cases and good documentation available there.
b) Help you discover new functions that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about which might pertain to the kind of projects you’re doing.

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Many thanks also for this hint. I will definitely start investigating in GitHub :slight_smile:

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