Library Study Group Meeting

Hey campers!

Here is the room reservation for our next Downtown study group. Please RSVP here if you plan to attend (even tentatively).

When: Tuesday, June 4th from 6:30-9:00PM CT
Where: Austin Central Library - Room 471 on the 4th floor

Feel free to comment on this thread with what you will be working on if you are planning to attend.

Personally, I’m starting work on a django app to make organizing ping pong and other game tournaments at work easier. Once I get the base set up, I am looking to integrate some python libraries (seaborn, pandas, etc) to add additional functionality like visualizations of your ranking relative to your peers.

Looking forward to seeing you all there again!

Planning to take the bus in and make it to this one!

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I’m planning on making it this time! Not sure what I’ll work on yet, perhaps brush up on my React with a long forgotten side project, keep trucking along with Python studies, or maybe just do some creative coding if that’s all right with you all.

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ATTENTION: there was an issue with our room reservation and it was overwritten somehow.

New room is room 471 on the 4th floor!