Life after Lambda School

I am super lost.

So, I enrolled in lambda school 7 months ago in their now defunct android program. The program itself was really spotty and poorly ran, but I absolutely fell in love with programming and devoted myself 8-10 hours a day… for the first 4-5 months I used almost only kotlin specifically in context of android development, however at about month 6 I started using python a lot and over the last couple weeks I’ve done work mostly in typescript/angular as I’m trying to get a website together to advertise myself to employers or clients.

Lambda was a mess and I had to leave after I got threatened again by multiple staff members and then told that the threats were made by mistake. I have numerous complaints about lambda but I want to just move on – the main thing I feel I’m missing right now is concrete guidance on what to study and how to get a career started in this field.

I feel like I have a good ability to be “polyglot” and am enjoying learning more about the npm ecosystem (spent some time today getting svg.js into angular and then playing with it a bit… my website is at seymoursoftware com but it’s super rough right now ) – I dont want to focus on android development as the android ecosystem and programming for android is just painful. Android studio crashes constantly or messes up files, I never have that issue with anything else I’ve used to program. Further android… is just horribly fragmented as things have changed so radically in the last few years and the information on the web is often bold faced wrong.

That being said, I am absolutely the most knowledgeable and capable within the context of programming android apps in kotlin.

Anyway, any tips? Any Guidance? As a a junior developer without a lot of proof of my ability – what should I do next? Where can I find people to study with or pair program with? Should I just be looking for an entry level job and hope they’ll train me? Another idea I’ve had is trying to do little jobs on fivr or whatever… I can definitely do people’s homework or process their files with python scripts or whatever dumb tasks they need done.

I’m lost, lambda was supposed to take care of a lot of this but… that “school” is falling apart, still isn’t legal in california, and … just all the stories are true.

sorry to just post begging for help but not sure where to go!

I have heard the same about Lambda school .Try Codesmith ,Microverse .Both Bootcamps have good reviews.

If you’re working on web technologies right now and you’re looking for some structure, freeCodeCamp is a good place to start. With programming experience in Kotlin and Python, you’ll be able to fly through some of the stuff pretty quickly (feel free to skip sections entirely if you want), but the projects can help you build a portfolio and you’ll have both an education path and a supportive community. Since you have an Android background, you might be particularly interested in focusing on mobile-first designs and perhaps writing apps with React Native rather than Kotlin.

Whenever you do start applying to jobs, please try to remember that it is a long and hard process. Try not to take it personally.

Thanks for the kind words, definitely realize its gonna take some time to either get into the industry or have a project of my own that can bring in capital. That being said ive known a couple people at my level who have found their way into jobs so im hopeful if patient.

Definitely checking out the resources here, seem extensive and having recently been fairly fascinated by the npm world --ill be hanging around.

This is a little late, but I checked your website and I saw that you had studied Philosophy. Keep your motivation high and continue learning on your own. Soon enough and with a nice portfolio every recruiter will want you