Lights Out Game

I’m working on a project to demonstrate what I’ve learned so far on freeCodeCamp. I’m intending to use it on my CV and cover letters.

It’s based on an old game I had as a hand held toy.
The repo is here:

And you can play the game here:

There’s still plenty to do, including the readme file and a congrats page if you turn all the lights out! I also want the page to respond to the size of the viewport. And a rules-of-the-game/help page. But the main thing is I have a working game to improve.

Hey there!

I really like the project. :blush:

One thing I noticed is that the letters are not perfectly centered in their containing circle; especially when playing with the window size, I can see there is an overlay on the right side of the letter.

Apart from that it seems nice - I even ended up playing for a bit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, Vonathar.
I will try centering the letters. It’s most notable on the M and W.