Like some FeedBack on this Project

works great except for the slider?
I didn’t know what it did so i tried it thinking maybe it is a volume control but it doesn’t change my volume so I’m not sure exactly what it is for.

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First, thank you for taking the time to replay

Ho ya

I donk know how to use AudioWebApi so I Can`t Control the volume while the mp3 is playing only before and after

Am I currently trying to fix this issue any advice?

Best Regards Almog Zur

oh I see, I didn’t realise.
Unfortunately I don’t know how you would control that but from my perspective, it would be good to maybe get either a text-based ‘volume’ label on the slider or some other visual cue that is easy to interpret as meaning ‘volume’. (that’s just to make sure people understand what that slider does).
Maybe a knob of some kind with numbers on it…
That’s just my 2 cents.

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Added a text, and rendered vol context value next to it
Thanks :slight_smile:

i checked again, and noticed something unexpected. The volume text says 0 when the page loads the first time (and the slider is all the way to the right).
but when I move the slider to the middle the number gets bigger
then when I move it all the way to the left it goes back to 0
then when I move it all the way to the right again, well now it says 10?

I guess it is not very consistent from a user-experience perspective.

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I agree.
see the problem and set the initial volume value to 10 on the first load so its syncs with the volume slider

vary good attention to details by your side

Again thank you

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