Line 111, why is the variable shortUrl 'undefined' if it has just been defined above? Why isn't the variable global?

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Line 111, why is the variable shortUrl ‘undefined’ if it has just been defined above? Why isn’t the variable global?

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Challenge: URL Shortener Microservice

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Does it log undefined or does it throw an Uncaught ReferenceError: shortURL is not defined ?
Do you see this log? console.log('2 ' + shortUrl)?

You’re using loose comparison here:

if (urlPairFound != null) {
  var shortUrl = urlPairFound.shortUrl; 
  console.log('2 ' + shortUrl);

console.log('3 ' + shortURL);

If urlPairFound is undefined instead of null, this statement will be false and it’ll skip the if block. So I’d first check if urlPairFound is undefined.

Yes I see that log, as shown:

shortUrl and shortURL are not the same identifier.

Edit: BTW, it’s not global it’s function scoped.

Can I ask why are you redeclaring the variable 4 times? Personally, I would not suggest doing that. If you want block scoped unique variables use let or const. Otherwise, declare the var variable one time and reassign its value.

I managed to fix the problem

It consisted of two sub problems/mistakes

  1. A typo: I had written ‘shortURL’ instead of ‘shortUrl’ which was what I had used earlier when I declared the variable

  2. I was trying to use the ‘shortUrl’ variable OUTSIDE of the
    function(err, urlPairFound) {...}
    function, hence, the program had no clue what I meant by urlPairFound

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