Line-height why not apply inside tag?

Like have on main element a line-height but on u tag not apply the normal what case use the normal? And this why not apply?


I don’t really understand your question, but it is being applied (line-height: normal). Not sure what layout you are going for here, but you can not nest <a> elements inside <a> elements.

Permitted content

Transparent, containing either flow content (excluding interactive content) or phrasing content.

Permitted parents

Any element that accepts phrasing content, or any element that accepts flow content, but always excluding <a> elements (according to the logical principle of symmetry, if <a> tag, as a parent, can not have interactive content, then the same <a> content can not have <a> tag as its parent).

The nested <a> element is getting ejected and ends up below, what was the parent, in the DOM.


  <a class="this">te<br>st</a>
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