Linear Gradient

I am not sure that I am correct with the Linear Gradient percentage settings

.bb2b {
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
background: linear-gradient(var(–building-color2)0% 6%, var(–window-color2)6% 9%)

Add a linear-gradient to .bb2b that uses --building-color2 from 0% to 6% and --window-color2 from 6% to 9%.

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Hi @jedidiahzurik ,

A linear-gradient can be created like this :

  var(--first-color) 0%,
  var(--first-color) 40%,
  var(--second-color) 40%,
  var(--second-color) 80%

Or like this :

  var(--first-color) 0% 40%,
  var(--second-color) 40% 80%

Both are equivalent. But the challenge is requiring you to use the first syntax.

You are also not using the right hyphen for the variables.
So make sure it is a double -- not a single :

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Very much appreciated

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just read it again and its example what exactly its saying you have to write first color for 0% and again first color for 6% same way you can follow .
hope this can be helpful.

Hi, I used this code and worked ok:


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