Lining checkboxes with logos

Hi guys,

Going back over some earlier FCC challenges my survey.

For future reference, if one wanted the checkboxes to line up perfectly with the logos please can you explain what would be the best method?

Looking back at it now my understanding would be the following:

  1. Flexbox - Make sure all the logo images are the same dimension then use flexbox to align with checkboxes. From what I can see when adding a border to the entire page, everything is already aligned so it’s just a case of having same size dimension png’s.
  2. Position: absolute - This would take a lot more time with adjustments.
  3. This design is not the best idea and no one would actually have done this. =] So how would a pro do this design if they wanted a logo to appear next to a checkbox?

Right now my png’s are all different sizes so won’t change them just yet but this thread is more for knowing what to do next time.