Lining up pictures

Hi All,

I have some links in my nav bar and have added 3 pics further down the page with a href links. When there is no linke attached to the pictures, they go side by side. When the link is included, they go one above the other. Does anyone have any idea what I need to look for?



I am not sure if I fully understand what you are trying to do.

One thing that can be helpful is to include the code.

But if you use tag elements such as img and a, know that they are displayed as blocks by default. If you display them as inline-block, they should lineup side by side until there is no more place.

I’m using brackets so it may look different than on code pen. Here is the codepen link. The pictures are lined up side by side but on brackets they go down.

@timmparsons ok. I can’t help here. I don’t have a Bracket account yet.

You need to figure out which style property doesn’t render the same in both and

If you have the exact same code on both, try to look in the settings. In Codepen you can load Normalize.css or Reset.css which clear default css styles before loading yours.

If you have the time and the patience, you could start from scratch on both Bracket and Codepen and see how it render step by step.