Link Back, Cascade, Typing, Media Queries

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I love this site and am having a blast, thanks to everyone!

  1. Link Back to Curriculum/Main Site: I often click “Forum” to jump here and explore… but I can not then click back to my Curriculum on the main site. I can see there’s two platforms, but it feels odd that there isn’t a link in the menu bar.

  2. Cascade Concept Earlier: I found CSS variable introduction confusing… maybe I’d been spending so much time up in the block that I’d forgotten that the HTML mattered too. Essentially, when the lessons had me defining a variable in one class, and then USING that variable in a different class (starting here: Basic CSS: Use CSS Variables to change several elements at once), I thought it made no sense. How could a class know about a variable in another class? I think either that lesson or the lesson immediately follows needs to explicitly point out that this only worked because divs that were assigned classes that used the variables were nested inside a div that was assigned a class where the variable was defined. This was sort of stated at the beginning of the Basic CSS: Cascading CSS variables lesson… but in the context of learning :root, and not practiced in the HTML code. I guess I just want that concept bigger and earlier and clearer. Maybe have a lesson where the users actually edit the divs to make it work?

  3. Variable Types: The lessons I’ve completed had me using variables, but I still don’t know the rules around variable typing or how it works in CSS. Kind of odd to not at least touch on it-- I kept wondering what exactly was being stored by the variable. (This question betrays the fact that I’ve studied a programming language before.)

  4. Media Queries: The lesson Basic CSS: Use a media query to change a variable talks about media queries as if I would know what that was, as if it were already introduced in a previous lesson. This is the first time I’ve heard of them. It can be understood from context, of course-- which is part of the fun-- but the wording in the lesson made me think I’d somehow skipped a lesson.