Link for web site

How can I put a link to my site?
Example : http:

Are you asking how you can create a link to a website in HTML? I think if you google something like “how to create an html link” you will find a ton of examples. But if you are asking something else then please give a little more detail.

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hey there , your question is huge and has a wide spectrum, could you give a bit more explanation on what you meant?

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I mean, how do I put a link to my site with the same name?like thi

if you have a website already and want a domain name, it comes at a cost, but there are hosting services that are free though

What is the name of these free resources?

I am not clear what you are asking still but if you need a place to host your website you can look at GitHub Pages as one possibility.

thank you very much, my brother

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