Link to Tribute Page not showing up. Can you help please?

Hi All,
I posted 30/04/21 message asking about feedback (“Modern Bard - Tribute Page” done in Codepen) with link to it. I got feedback that link is not showing up in this message.
I can see it when accesing post mentioned above - from Android or tablet (when I am log in or not). Link is there, is working , also when I click on title of my forum message it leads me to my Tribute Page.
Can you help?
Can you see link posted on: “Modern Bard-Tribute Page. Feedback Please”?
Can you access Tribute Page by clicking message title?
… Any ideas?
Thank you!

HI @Agnes-Ka !

The link is working for me.

Thank you for quick response!
I hope you can see whole Tribute page - not only top bit with 2 photos.

Yeah I could.

I just responded to your project feedback post.

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