LinkedIn Education Freecodecamp?

Hi everyone

please, I just want to know If I can put that I’ve taken the courses at FCC at LinkedIn even if I don’t yet complete the projects on each section?

I take the courses at Feb of 2019 and finished the content of some of them September 2019 without completing the projects, so should I put that on LinkedIn as education and specifying that this happen in 2019?

What do you think?

I highly recommend that you complete the certifications fully instead of listing partially complete work. (Plus the process of making the projects is huge in building your understanding!)

Listing incomplete FCC work on your LinkedIn at best doesn’t tell anyone much about your skills and at worst will make people think you have actually completed the certifications when you haven’t.


But if do all the projects and get the two or three certificates and add the time between 2019-2020 it’s a long time (it’s a bad sign) to complete just two or three certificates (RWD, JS Algorithms and DS and Front-end libraries).

because from 2018 to 2019 it will be empty also the certificates will be gotten at 2020 (just few projects to complete to get the certificates, courses already done)

what do you think?

That’s what actually happened though.

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