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Hi! I was just wondering if members of the site endorse one another on linkedin as the gain certificates and move along?

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This is a good point actually - I was just thinking that.

I’ve worked in IT recruitment for 5 years and now I want to be part of the action & it no doubt helps get you noticed on recruiter searches if you are endorsed for your skills.

Perhaps we could try and get this moving?

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Hi Joe - as a recruiter, would you not be a bit suspicious of a bunch of beginners all endorsing each other though?

I mean, if Quincy or Wes Bos or some other known person in the dev world endorsed you I could see that pulling some weight, but it wouldn’t have the same impact if it were just me, would it?

Hi Jackson - to be honest, recruiters don’t look too much into who has endorsed you (its too time consuming), but rather the amount of endorsements that you have for each skill. To break this down further, the reason endorsements for certain skills help is because recruiters will search in ‘LI Recruiter’ for certain skills (i.e. HTML, JS, CSS, Bootstrap) as they would have those areas of experience needed for a role, and that would ensure that your profile would show up in their results list for the requirement. The more endorsements for the relevant skills, the higher up you go in the list with the LI algorithm.

Essentially the endorsements are just a tool to help you get noticed by recruiters/clients and potentially get an interview, but I think someone’s portfolio, their level of experience and how they perform at an interview determine if you get a job.


That is a damn fine answer :slight_smile:

Thanks, Joe :slight_smile:


No worries mate! Glad I could help

How would we get it moving? Post out profiles for people to go onto?

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Yeah I mean we could start by posting our own LinkedIn profiles here and just asking people as a favour to mutually endorse each others profiles?

Interesting. I didn’t realize these endorsements actually counted for anything. Are there really no consequences for endorsing someone who ends up not being able to build a site, write code, spell their name, etc?

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Should we use this thread to post our linkedin profiles, and maybe project links if someone wants to verify before giving their endorsement?

Well, I will start first :wink:

Currently student with a full-time job and in free time learning Web Development, here is my portfolio and LinkedIn profile so I can endorse you and vice-versa …


Thank you very much !!

Sorry to be a party-pooper, but pending further consideration, we’re not going to allow threads explicitly asking for LinkedIn endorsements. I’ve consulted my oracle and it foretold of a future where spamming the forum for requests has completely taken over and no one can find any useful help. We have to prevent this nightmare scenario. However, don’t let that stop you from giving your endorsements to campers who you find helpful, insightful, or talented enough to deserve it. This means it’s a really good idea for you to have your LinkedIn profile easily accessible. You can put a link to it in your forum profile, either your ‘About Me’ or ‘Website’ section.

@Matya157, @angelinalblyth, I’m going to have to remove your links from the thread out of fairness. Nothing personal!