Linking fCC projects on LinkedIn

Hey guys,

I have been studying programming for the last few months and I am at the point that I am ready to start looking for job opportunities.

I am working on setting up a LinkedIn profile and I had a question about adding projects to your profile.

How much of an impact do intermediate fCC projects like the Twitch API or Wikipedia Viewer have when it comes to recruiters or hiring managers looking at your LinkedIn profile? To put it more simply, should I include my fCC projects in my profile?

At this point, I don’t have any other projects to show so I either include my fCC projects or I don’t include any projects.

Thanks for reading this and any advice is appreciated.


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Maybe ask a recruiter directly?

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I haven’t put any of my freecodecamp projects on Linkedin, and I’ve still had numerous recruiters try to contact me. So, I’m not sure if the project would help recruiters look at you more or not. I’ve found that most of the recruiters who try to “recruit” you aren’t very smart. For example, I specifically stated at the bottom of my profile that I was only interested in part-time positions as I’m in high school. The recruiter called and told me I would be a perfect fit for their full-time position with benefits. :roll_eyes:


You could instead link your personal portfolio page that contains your fcc projects to showcase.