Linking GitHub with FCC Error Code


I am trying to link my GitHub and freeCodeCamp accounts (I am new). But I keep getting an error code that says, “The code passed is incorrect or expired.” I get this error code after I try to follow links that are given in order to link the two accounts.

Do you have any suggestions to move forward with this?


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I had the same issue when I set up my FCC account and tried a few different things but that didn’t help. I figured it can wait and left it at that. Let’s see if someone knows how to link the two accounts!

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I’m having the same issue:
I’m following these instructions, and when I click on the link, I get a 404 response. Any suggestions?
I just want to change my FCC profile picture, but the links aren’t working and I’ve tried multiple image hosting sites.


Hi I know this comment is 2 years later but have you fixed the issue? I am still getting error 404.
Please do reply if you have a solution.
Thank you