Linking Sublime text to GitHub

Hello everyone,

I’ve been learning how to code HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript on a number of platforms mainly CodeCademy because I want to join the coding team at the company I work at.

They tasked me to put together a responsive website on GitHub. I’ve extracted the files to my PC.

My question is how do I link Sublime coding text(my CSS and HTML) to GitHub or rather the files I’ve extracted to my PC from GitHub?

I do understand that what ever changes I make on my code will be updated onto my GitHub repository.

I hope I make sense.

You’ll need to download GitHub desktop.
It allows you to drag and drop your desktop file onto a repository folder.

You are still allow to branch, pull, commit, etc.

Technically you can just create a GitHub account, make a new repository and use the file upload.

I would however strongly suggest installing git and learning how to use it with GitHub. There are tons of resources just do a search.

Here are some links:

Not exactly. You have to commit the changes locally and then push them to the repository.

Edit: I have never really used Sublime Text much here is the docs on the Git Integration. I know VS Code and it has some very nice git integration build-in and some nice extensions like GitLens

I agree with @lasjorg
Especially if you are looking to join a dev team, Git will be your best friend and you can use it to do a lot of stuff, like pushing to GitHub or Heroku.
I also recommend VS Code, it’s integrated terminal makes using Git extremely easy.