Links on mobile

Links on mobile


Hi, campers. I have a problem with the links on my site. None of the links(nav buttons, the link to a tribute page) works on mobile. Could somebody tell me what’s the problem?


Think you fixed it? All works on mine:)


i have also had this problem, it seem that it doesnt work on older phones, like android 2.3 , but on 4++ versions it works…

im curious of the solution too


on IOS 10 it doesn’t work either


Did you manage to solve this? I am looking for a solution too. My portfolio page links do not work on iOS 10.


No, I haven’t managed yet.


Apparently, codepen setting is preventing links to work in iOS. IT works fine on android and desktop. I found this answer in different thread on the FCC forum. I decided to leave it as it is and move to the next project.