Linux Server Course video copyright claimed

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I found a useful video for linux server at

However when I want to continue to watch it today, the video is no longer available due to copyright claimed by CBT Nuggets. Is there anyone who downloaded the video or is there any way I can finish watching the video? I really want to finish the video, thank you.

The person probable copied the video from CBT Nuggets and posted it on his/her channel. You can probably find the video on CBT Nuggets channel just search for them on YouTube and to narrow your search down you can also add the name of the tutorials you watched before or something like Linux. I hope you will be able to find the video again.

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Actually it is not from any person. It was posted on freeCodeCamp youtube channel. This is the link for that page How to Configure and Operate Linux Servers - Full Course

Also, I did try to google to find this video and nothing showed up. I tried on CBT Nuggets as well as youtube with the name of the course. Nothing works which lead me to ask the question here, hoping someone actually archived the video somewhere or downloaded it.

So sorry about that, it appears that it may be a paid course so you can’t find it. It would be best to ask the author of that topic, I’m sure he would have archived the video.

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No worries man. Am just hoping if someone did download the video and don’t mind to share

what do you mean that it is copyright claimed? I can see it till the end

CBT Nugget seems to be who has volunteered the video to freeCodeCamp

Oh… For whatever reason it is back! Thanks for informing

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