Linux: Some examples of how governments and companies use the open source operating system

  • Linux now operates on the majority of smartphones and tablets around the world via the Android OS (based off the Linux kernel). As of March 2016 Android holds 60.99% of the market share on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). It also holds 82.8% for smartphones alone (per 2015 Q2 numbers).
  • As of March 2016, Alexa reported that 96.55% of the top 1 million Internet domains in the world are powered by servers running Linux.
  • The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the largest stock exchange in the world which trades securities worth billions of dollars daily are executed by servers that run on Linux after moving away from UNIX.
  • The White House powers their web servers using Red Hat Linux and Apache.
  • The US Department of Defense (DoD) uses Linux to run their nuclear submarine fleet.
  • The US Navy uses Linux for ground control software.
  • Linux is used to host websites or apps. Linux-based web hosts like ‘Dreamhost’ are used to host your personal RSS reader with Tiny Tiny RSS, or personal Dropbox clone with OwnCloud.
  • Home automation can be made possible with Linux along with a small computer like a Raspberry Pi. It can be used to control home with Siri, mount a Google Calendar tablet on wall, set up a home surveillance system, control blinds and air conditioner, stream music , build a digital photo frame, build a sunrise alarm clock amd many more.
  • Pakistan is using Linux in many of its public schools and colleges and plans to ultimately run it on all of its government computer systems
  • Planes, buses, and trains’ systems run Linux to display schedules or operate check-in systems.
  • The Sony Playstation 3 gaming console had previously made it possible to run Linux on a seperate hard drive partion. Scientific entities networked together consoles for powerful clusters. The United States Air Force Research Laboratory assembled a super computer by cluster 1760 Playstation 3 Consoles.
  • Linux is in space. Ubuntu is used at the International Space Station. Read more

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