List of deployed websites on Github?

Hello there!

Does anyone knows I Github has an option where it shows a list of all the webpages I´ve deployed?

Basically I´ve been completing the web development certifications and I´ve been uploading the exercises on Github, but I was wondering if it´s possible that when someone checks my profile, can see the list of projects I´ve made and when click on them, open them in the browser.

I know that they my repos and files can be checked, but it doesn´t seem that there is a way to check the web link.

Thank you.

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Hi @7ing7ing !

I guess one option could be to create a repo called my_deployed_projects and in the readme file create a list of all the deployed projects.

In the individual repo README you can add the live link.
You can also add the live link in the about section on the far right hand side.


When you click on your repo on the right side you will see like a small overview. I think there is a settings icon there which should let you add the site so if anyone clicks on your repo they will see that and can see the live site. Lmk if you don’t get there. Can help more in the morning with screenshots if necessary. i am on the phone atm.

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Thank you @jwilkins.oboe and @savannah-borst ! It was exactly what I was looking for! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You can find it in your Repo - see here Viewing deployment history - GitHub Docs