Listing informal experience and education

I have completed a few courses over at, in which I’ve earned “digital certificates of completion.” Would these certificates, although irrelevant to Web Development specifically, be beneficial to listing on my resume or providing a link to said profile? As of now, I am currently going through the material on freeCodeCamp and enjoying it with much gusto. Coupled with this, would listing Udemy courses relating to Web Development/SEO be beneficial as well? I don’t have any direct experience as of yet so I’m looking for ways to bolster my resume when the time comes. Thank you in advance!

I don’t know what the Cybrary things are. If they are truly irrelevant to web dev, then I would definitely not list them. If you have a certificate in forest management, then no, don’t list it. It would be more helpful if we knew the subjects of these certificates. You also seem hesitant about a certificate in SEO. Why? Definitely list that. If it is a skill that a web developer or web designer would use, then definitely list them.

Granted, as a caveat, certificates don’t usually get you jobs. Go ahead and list them - it’s a good chance to get some keywords in there and it might grab their attention for a few seconds. And it shows some drive. But the most important things are your portfolio and your experience. Yes, experience is hard to come by in the beginning. If you can’t come by experience organically, make it. Just start building things. Start looking at new libraries and think up projects to use them in. And then learn a new tech and build something with that. Even if their pointless apps that you don’t really intend to market, just build things. This will build your knowledge and your portfolio. This also shows a future employer that you’re eager, you’re a self-starter, you love challenges, you can teach yourself things and figure things out, and you can work without constant oversight. These things may make an employer not worry about experience as much, if they know you can gain it quickly.

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