Listing oddly named courses on your resume

An employee on contacted me today for information on my work experience and education. Aside from my college I mentioned that most of my development training was self-taught through internet courses (Free Code Camp, Udemy, LinkedIn learning, etc)
She recommended listing these courses on my profile and resume.
But going through my list of completed tutorials I’m not sure how titles like these are going to look:

“What is programming?”
“Programming for complete beginners in C#”
“Space Shooter Tutorial”

Personally I loved these tutorials and would definitely recommend them, but I don’t want to give off a “read programming for dummies book and now I’m a programmer herpiederp” vibe. Anyone have an opinion/advice on this?

That’s strange. And the second strange education request this week. I wouldn’t do this but I am starting to wonder if recruiters are looking for a new weedout tool.

Wouldn’t it be nice to list the certificate you achieved instead?

Yeah I wouldn’t list those. Anything with “for beginners” or “what even is programming” in the title is gonna give the wrong impression. The only ones I would probably list are certificates from places like freecodecamp, edX, udacity, etc, and even then I’d probably just pick a couple ones I’m most proud of. The focus of the resume should definitely be on your experience, what you’ve built, rather than what courses you took.

I’ve never listed out things like this either. In your situation I would probably just add a bullet point along the lines of

  • Pursued further professional development through self-directed learning platforms including Free Code Camp, Udemy, Codecademy, and Stanford MOOC offerings

I’ve edited my resume, but only listed Free Code Camp and a SQL certificate and a brief note on my self training. I’d much rather answer questions about this in person and have a little control over how recruiter are going to view this. In one year I watched hundreds of tutorials, so this would save me tons of work. Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it!

I thought it was strange too. But the person I spoke to seem to be from a HR background so she might’ve expected tutorials like these to be named “Using JS arrays in SQL to query the right appendix” not “How to built a space shooter” XD