Little help in build a personal portfoilio webpage

my code pen can someone help me to figure out why i fail on content #7: the navbar should contain at least one link that i can click on to navigate to different sections of the page. and layout #2: the height of the welcome section should be equal to the height of the viewport… I could have swarn i had both those covered in my code but i could use a second set of eyes and maybe a point in the right direction please

You might be failing #7 because there’s very little content in the page that it can’t scroll.

There doesn’t seem to be any code that changes the height of the welcome section.

ok you were right about the not being able to scroll being the issue i added lorem ipsum to it and it passes on that point thanks… now to change the actual welcome section with #welcome-section i used .intro to change it using class not id that might be the prblem as well i will try that a little later thanks for your help

ok changed it to have #welcome-section and nothing still hmm

Your CSS might be slightly malformed. Hit Analyze CSS in the arrow menu for the CSS editor

oh my word thank you! i forgot my ending curly brackets. ha-ha. much appreciated i didn’t even know about the analyze feature that’s great…