Little icons in Javascript

Hi, can anyone tell me , where can I get the small icons like shown in the example below?

console.log({hello: “:earth_americas:”, goodbye: “:crescent_moon:”, nested: {inner: “:bird:”}, array: [37]})

There is a Github repo for Discourse (which is where the images come from) and that has all of those emoji images in a subfolder called “emoji”:


Do you use Windows 10 or 11?

Use combinate Keys: Win + .


Thank you Marcus, I found the emojis. They are .png files.
Now I wonder how I get them into my code as in the example.
Can you help me again, please?

You can use them as image elements. I haven’t found the documentation to call them from their CDN but if you inspect the elements on this page, you can tell how to use them in an HTML page.

For example, this :earth_americas: icon is this HTML element:

<img src="" title=":earth_americas:" class="emoji" alt=":earth_americas:" loading="lazy" width="20" height="20" style="aspect-ratio: 20 / 20;">

Hi Carlos, thank you!!!
This was what I was looking for.
Best regards

Thank you Marcus for your quick reply!
I have now two ways to incorporate icons.

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