Little question about css

Is there any “injector” that injects the modded css code every time an app starts? I would like to edit the css of an app, but every time it restarts, it checks the files for modification and redownloads it again, so I want something that loads after the app starts, making it modify
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If I understand you …

Right, so every time the app starts, the files get reloaded and everything starts fresh.

I think you’re asking, “If my user sets goes into my app settings and changes the font color (for example), how can my app know that the next time it loads?”

Well, you have to store that information somewhere. One easy way would be to store it in the browser local storage Then when the app boots, it starts with the defaults but then you check local storage to see if there is any custom settings data - and if they are you apply them programatically.

That is a pretty easy solution, but would only affect sessions on that computer/browser. The other option would be to store it with the user’s account information. But that is more complicated and has its own pitfalls.

Is this what you were asking?