Live camera feed

hi …i have Hikvision H.265+ camera and i want to show live feed in my we UI. i tried using html and js code but nothing worked, i am using ubutu 16.04 and felt maybe its browser issue so i installed wine, but nothing resolved this issue… hikvision is ip based camera…
if someone could help i shall be greatful

What are you using to connect to the camera and get the live feed from the camera?
I have never done something like this, but it looks like something is missing from your description.

i tried VLC and live video is shown in it, main problem is how to show this in browser using html and js …
my code for video is

               <img id="camera-stream" src="" ' height:alt="Live Feed"> 


kindly tell where is the mistake

what’s the src of the video? how are you connecting the camera to the website?

Do you have any experience with API, backend, server-side code?