Live Stream freeCodeCamp

I’m planning to live stream my way through freeCodeCamp. I’m a freelance web developer, and this seems like a fun way to pass the time between jobs. Is there some way to get the official freeCodeCamp streaming key, or should I just stream on my own channel?

I doubt they’ll give out a key, but I guess they could host a stream.

The reason I thought they’d give away a key was because of the instructions on this page here: How to Stream Live Coding on FreeCodeCamp

Contact a twitch mod via gitter14. They will help you get the stream key to get set up on the FreeCodeCamp Channel.

However, the links to gitter don’t work.

Oh, apologies, I wasn’t aware of that. I thought it was a random question.

Not your fault, I wasn’t clear. I should have put this link in the OP.