Load data: Demographic Data Analyzer

Hi. I cannot load the dataset into Demographic Data Analyzer project in repl.it. I saw in the posts related to this topic that some are using the code below which will come up with syntax error. Please help me with this
df = pd.read_csv(‘adult.data.csv’)
SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier

Some time has passed, but just in case:

  • You might be using the typographic quatation marks ‘adult.data.csv’, whereas you need the neutral ones for python 'adult.data.csv'.
  • This forum automatically transforms '' into ‘’ for regular text and once that happens, you get the typographic versions whenever you copy it (since they have different ASCII codes).
  • To avoid this, you can use the code style formatting for the your code by using the grave accent marks around it `.
  • So if you copy and paste from regular text, this issue might happen elsewhere too. You just need to double check the format type.
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Thank you. That helped