Loading next challenge very slow

When pressing the “Submit and go to next challenge” button, it seems like the page is not loading, and often takes a very long time to show the next exercise. Sometimes a page refresh is required to force the exercise to progress to the next page. This seems to happen on all of my devices (3 different laptops) on wired, wifi and mobile data. Have got the same issue across Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Any recommendations to solve the problem welcome

Hello there,

I think the problem is with your internet connection. Try running this test and share your results https://www.speedtest.net/

Thanks. That was my first thought too, however I have a download speed of 25mbs and upload of 6mbs, so don’t think it’s the case?

Oh okay. I guess you can try to disable any specific extensions in your browsers that might interfere with running the FC C test. Additionally, here is a link to an article explaining a solution to similar challenge you are facing Passed the test but now the next lesson won’t load

Clearing the cache on each page load seems to resolve (although it is a little time consuming still) Thank you!

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